Commercial Document and Data Management Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Century's Document Management Solutions for businesses help companies streamline their internal operations using paperless workflow processes and or by outsourcing their document scanning to Century. By eliminating paper processes, especially in accounts payable, accounts receivable and human resources departments, companies can lower operating costs associated with extensive paper handling and storage.

Benefits of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System

  • Documents can be instantly accessed by employees, even across multiple locations.
  • Instant document retrieval from anywhere speeds business processes.
  • Reducing the handling of paper documents by employees saves time and money by eliminating the task of filing and re-filing documents.
  • Having instant access to documents from a computer reduces photocopying and shipping costs.
  • The elimination of multiple copies of paper documents reduces physical storage requirements.
  • All information is safely stored in a central electronic repository which also provides a backup of your information.
  • All access to documents is logged.
  • Access to specific documents can be restricted to specific users.
  • Privileges such as printing or emailing can be restricted or enabled for each user.

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Solutions By Department

Century provides document and data retrieval and processing solutions that are tailored to your departmental needs. We also have a wealth of experience to speak to those specific departmental needs: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and others - we can improve your business processes, provide you with valuable information quickly, and make your department more efficient.

Accounts Payable

Automate processes and increase efficiency in your department with Century's Workflow solutions.

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Accounts Receivable

Automate processes and increase efficiency in your department with Century's Workflow solutions.

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Human Resources

Century's Storage and Retrieval solution provides instant access to employee records.

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Century offers a paperless mailroom and workflow delivery solution.

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