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PaperVision® Capture

How are you managing the flow of information in your organization? As the amount of information businesses must process increases, workers everywhere need a way to capture important information. However your data arrives, PaperVision Capture makes sure you are collecting the data you need to maximize the productivity of your entire organization.

Capture Everything

Are you feeling overwhelmed by information? Start capturing the data you need now. PaperVision Capture automatically imports electronic documents and forms, images, faxes, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and more. It also works with virtually any scanner to convert paper documents to electronic files to ensure all your business-critical data is easy to access and secure.

Automate Information Capture

Want to improve productivity? Eliminate manual data entry and manual processes to streamline information processing. Optional PaperVision Forms Magic can automate the classification and extraction of forms. Optional Business Rules can further assist by automating complex processes and can save your organization additional time and money.

Buy Only Want You Need

Do you need to able to scan and index documents, but you don’t need to process barcodes? PaperVision Capture offers straight-forward licensing that allows you to purchase only the features that you need, saving you money.

Grow as Needed

Do you need a system that is as unique as you? PaperVision Capture is fully customizable for each scan job and is designed to run on a single desktop computer or receive data from any geographical location with multiple users. Automation services make it easy to scale the system to your needs without adding additional costs.

Enjoy Graphical Setup

Don’t want to spend days setting up each unique job? Use the graphical interface to get your jobs setup in minutes. Use the built-in image processing filters to ensure maximum readability of all files. Dropout extra background or enhance the visibility of all text. Preview image processing results in real-time, making image cleanup and job setup a breeze.

Integrate Seamlessly

Do you need a system that works with your existing applications? Export your files to virtually any line-ofbusiness application you already have and tie all your systems together by integrating PaperVision Capture with PaperVision Enterprise, ImageSilo or any other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.


  • Automate the data capture process by scanning paper documents and importing electronic files and forms, images, faxes, PDFs, and Microsoft® Office files.
  • Easy graphical setup gets you up and running quickly and easily.
  • Optional Business Rules automate complex business processes to streamline tasks and improve efficiency.
  • Improve data accuracy by extracting data automatically and merging it with existing data.
  • Increase document security by protecting electronic files with encryption and multiple layers of system security.
  • Automatically send critical data to other line-of-business (LOB) applications to organize information and increase productivity.
  • Eliminate costly manual data entry by leveraging the optional patented artificial intelligence to classify and extract critical data.
  • Flexible licensing allows you to purchase only the features you need, saving you money.
  • Automation services make it easy to scale the system to your needs without buying additional hardware or software.

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