Accounts Receivable Document and Data Management Solutions

Accounts Receivable Solutions

Is your department losing valuable time every day by searching through file cabinets for invoices and supporting documents? Would you like to eliminate that costly step? By using Century’s document retrieval system, you will be able to instantly view and print any paper document, invoice or check, right from your computer. You can search for a document or group of documents using specific search criteria such as any of the following:

  • Customer Number
  • Customer Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Amount
  • Check Number
  • Payment Date

You tell us what search fields you need and we will include those as a part of your personalized system.

For audits, Century’s document retrieval system allows you to instantly view and print invoices, checks and other accompanying documents within a dollar amount range and specific time frame.

Example: Find all invoices of $10,000 or more between 3/1/2018 - 3/31/2018

After your documents have been scanned, your documents are placed on either Century’s or your secure computer system, ready for you to access through a secure login name and password. To help ensure security, all document access is logged. In addition, access can be restricted for each user to only allow specific document types to be viewed. You also have the option to disable functions, such as printing or emailing, for each user.

Century provides the training for you and your staff to utilize this instant retrieval process. If you would like more information, please call or submit the contact form on this page and a Century representative will contact you promptly.


  • Documents can be instantly accessed by employees, even across multiple locations.
  • Instant document retrieval from anywhere speeds business processes.
  • Reducing the handling of paper documents by employees saves time and money by eliminating the task of filing and re-filing documents.
  • Having instant access to documents from a computer reduces photocopying and shipping costs.
  • The elimination of multiple copies of paper documents reduces physical storage requirements.
  • All information is safely stored in a central electronic repository which also provides a backup of your information.
  • All access to documents is logged.
  • Access to specific documents can be restricted to specific users.
  • Privileges such as printing or emailing can be restricted or enabled for each user.