Financial Document and Data Management Solutions

Financial Solutions

Century provides custom solutions for document scanning and document management in Financial Institutions to improve customer service, and streamline processes associated with internal administrative documents and customer documents. Many of these documents such as loan files and others require paper-intensive procedures. Time is wasted on clerical tasks rather than focusing on providing the best banking experience for customers. And in the case of audits, Century's document management solution allows for quick and easy access to requested documents and data.

Some examples of specific documents where Century's Document Management Solution would be useful are:

  • New Account Documents
  • Signature Cards
  • Loan Documents
  • CD/Time Deposit Documents
  • Personnel Files
  • Accounting A/P Documents


  • Documents can be instantly accessed by bank customer service representatives, even across multiple bank branches.
  • Reduction in labor-intensive paper handling gives associates more time to spend with customers.
  • Instant document retrieval from anywhere speeds business processes.
  • Reducing the handling of paper documents by bank staff saves time and money by eliminating the task of filing and re-filing documents.
  • Having instant access to documents from a computer reduces photocopying and shipping costs.
  • The elimination of multiple copies of paper documents reduces physical storage requirements.
  • All information is safely stored in a central electronic repository which also provides a backup of your information.
  • All access to documents is logged.
  • Access to specific documents can be restricted to specific users.
  • Privileges such as printing or emailing can be restricted or enabled for each user.