Education Document and Data Management Solutions

Education Solutions

Century can help educational institutions manage the large amount of information that must be retained, such as student records, personnel files, financial documents and more. Century can scan these documents and store them in a central cloud-based repository where they can be quickly retrieved by your personnel using search fields that you designate. Not only does this lead to more efficient processes, but having your documents stored in a central off-site repository as electronic images helps protect them against things such as natural disasters and from being lost or destroyed.

Century’s systems are highly scalable and can be used across multiple departments. Century offers a workflow solution that can automatically route your documents to other departments and personnel based on business logic that you provide. This helps your entire organization work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Why Century?

Century has over 47 years of experience in information management. Century is a trusted name that has helped many types of businesses in education, commerce, manufacturing, finance and healthcare achieve greater control over their documents, streamline processes and reduce costs.


  • Reduce operating costs
  • Share documents across multiple locations or departments
  • Eliminate duplicate or lost documents
  • Increase document security
  • Gain greater control over document processes
  • Faster processing of documents

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