Healthcare Solutions

Century's Healthcare Solutions accommodate a wide variety of situations that Healthcare entities can find themselves in today. Whether you've implemented an Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) years ago or are just now looking for a simple way to electronically store your charts - Century has a solution.

Century Document Imaging has over 30 years of experience with the conversion of healthcare records to a variety of systems. Through the use of our conversion software we have over 250 unique and verified system exports, allowing Century to scan your existing paper records into nearly any EMR while maintaining dedicated access to patient information throughout the conversion process.

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Custom Paperless Forms

Medical offices can eliminate the cost and management associated with printed paper forms. Almost any form can become a paperless electronic form such as:

  • Patient Information Forms
  • Telephone Notes Forms
  • Nurses Notes Forms
  • Employment Forms

There are many advantages that electronic forms have over paper forms. Most significantly, electronic forms have the capability to be "smart forms," where input fields can be validated to make sure the users enter the correct type of information. With these forms you can also control input by utilizing drop-down menus so users must select from predetermined answers. Electronic forms can even perform math calculations. Specific sections of the form can expand and contract or become visible or hidden, based on user input. And with electronic forms, all user input is typed and easy to read.

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