Government Document and Data Management Solutions

Oil and Gas Solutions

Century can scan all of your Oil and Gas paper documents, allowing them to be instantly retrieved from your computer. Century's system can integrate with your Land Data System so you can see the original documents when you are looking at the data.

Retrieving a document, or a group of documents, is quick and easy. After entering your search word(s), the documents matching your search appear on your screen, and you can print or email them instantly.

Well Files, Leases, Production Reports, Permits, Historical Maps and Logs are just a few of the types of documents that you could be retrieving instantly with Century's system. Other departments within your company, such as the Legal Department, Accounting Department, and Human Resources Department, could also use the same system. Each department would have its own unique index fields for retrieval.

Whether Century's system is set up for one department, or many departments with many users, you pay for the software only once and use it for as many departments as you would like.


  • Documents can be instantly accessed, even across multiple departments or locations.
  • Instant document retrieval from anywhere speeds business processes.
  • Reducing the handling of paper documents by staff saves time and money by eliminating the task of filing and re-filing documents.
  • Having instant access to documents from a computer reduces photocopying and shipping costs.
  • The elimination of multiple copies of paper documents reduces physical storage requirements.
  • All information is safely stored in a central electronic repository which also provides a backup of your information.
  • All access to documents is logged.
  • Access to specific documents can be restricted to specific users.
  • Privileges such as printing or emailing can be restricted or enabled for each user.