Document Management

Document Management Systems

Whether you need a small document imaging system, or a full enterprise content management system, Century’s knowledgeable document management specialists can help provide you with a custom solution designed to solve the specific needs of your business.

Century has been helping businesses manage their documents and data for over 50 years and can provide you with a complete end-to-end solution including scanners, software, electronic paperless forms, custom designed workflows and more. Century can create a customized document management system and integrate it with other systems you already have in place, such as your accounting system. Century has helped numerous businesses convert their paper intensive processes into paperless workflow processes.

How can Century help you with your document management needs? Please click the link below that best describes your need.

Document Management Systems for Small Businesses

Typically a small business may only need one scanner and software for scanning, storing and retrieving documents.

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Mid-size Document Management Systems

Mid-size imaging systems may have one or more higher volume scanners allowing for more documents to be processed daily, plus software for scanning, storing and retrieving documents.

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Large Enterprise Document Management Systems

Enterprise systems are for large companies with a large volume of documents. These systems may span across multiple locations and might utilize complex routing workflows.

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Document Management Software

Electronic Document Repository Software

Store and quickly retrieve electronic documents from a central repository.

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Document Workflow Software

Control the automatic routing of your electronic documents.

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Document Capture/Scan Software

Capture documents from paper and electronic sources.

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Paperless E-Forms Software

Convert your paper forms processes to more efficent paperless processes.

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