Document Management Solutions for Physicians

For Physicians without EMR

Century's Physicians Healthcare Solutions allows physicians to continue to use the traditional paper chart forms to exam patients, but these are then scanned at a simple scan station or stored in a paper chart until boxed and picked up by Century for off-site imaging.

Once converted, patient records can be accessed via PDF Secure CD's or our affordable Healthcare CRM solution – available as both a local installation or hosted. Using our Healthcare solution, records can be instantly located and viewed by authorized personnel for patient historical information with enhanced tool sets available. And if you purchase an Electronic Medical Record System you can rest easy knowing that all previously scanned charts can be converted to over 250+ unique systems so you retain your investment.

If you prefer to perform the scanning of records internally - Century has a solution. Century can supply you with the equipment and training to complete the conversion in-house. After records have been scanned, they are available for instant retrieval using customizable index data, and paper charts can be destroyed or stored off-site.

If you prefer to have the conversion of your charts into PaperVision or PDF Secure CD handled off-site by a professional and experienced imaging bureau – Century has a solution. Through our Physicians' Healthcare Solution entire libraries or individual years (as determined by Last Date of Service) are boxed and transported to our facility.

At all times throughout the conversion process patient records remain accessible to the practice for emergency situations. Following conversion and verification, the original paper charts can be stored by Century, confidentially destroyed or returned to the practice.


  • Century's Physicians Healthcare Solution offers immediate reclamation of office and storage space as records are scanned and converted
  • Documents can be instantly accessed by healthcare staff, even across multiple locations
  • Reduction in labor-intensive paper handling gives healthcare staff more time to spend with patients
  • The elimination of multiple copies of paper documents reduces physical storage requirements
  • All information is safely stored in a central electronic repository which also provides a backup of your information
  • All access to documents is logged
  • Access to specific documents can be restricted to specific users
  • Records remain accessible through the conversion process and can be requested and delivered via web, fax or secured email
  • Century has over 250 unique system exports to allow native viewing of uploaded charts should you purchase an EMR in the future

If you would like more information, please call or submit the contact form on this page and a Century representative will contact you promptly.