Document Management Solutions for Physicians

For Physicians with EMR

Your Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) is only as good as the information that's in it, and if you're like most practices that have taken advantage of the government's HITECH incentives, you're learning that fact right now.

Century Document Imaging has observed a variety of practices that have made the transition to an Electronic Medical Record System (EMR). These practices learn that they need a solution to the historical paper charts that continue to clutter the office or are stored off-site. Scanning the entire library internally is simply not feasible in the busy daily schedule of staff – but Century has a solution.

Through our Physicians Healthcare Solution, entire libraries or individual years (as determined by Last Date of Service) are boxed and transported to Century's facility. Charts are converted using Century's imaging software and can be exported with indexing into over 250+ EMR systems.

At all times throughout the conversion process patient records remain accessible to the practice for emergency situations. Following conversion and verification, the original paper charts can be stored by Century, confidentially destroyed or returned to the practice.

If you're looking to gain real "Meaningful Use" of your EMR through the incorporation of your existing paper charts – Century has a solution.


  • Gain real use of your EMR through the addition of historical patient information into your system
  • Conversion of your existing "backlog" of charts will enable your practice to perform future "day forward" scanning immediately
  • Century's Physicians Healthcare Solution offers immediate reclamation of office and storage space as records are transported to our secure facility
  • Records remain accessible through the conversion process and can be requested and delivered via web, fax or secured email
  • Customizable indexing to capture the information you need in the format you need
  • Century has over 250 unique system exports to nearly any EMR to allow native viewing of uploaded chart

If you would like more information, please call us, chat with us online, or submit the contact form on this page and a Century representative will contact you promptly.