CheckLook™ Desktop Remittance Processing

CheckLook™ Remittance Processing System

At last... Desktop Remittance Processing! Whether you need one station or many stations, CheckLook™ can handle your Remittance Processing needs. Multiple stations work together over a local network to store check images and payment coupons with index data in a document storage and retrieval system, such as PaperVision®, where they can be easily retrieved using search criteria such as Customer Name, Account Number and Check Amount.

CheckLook™ is easy to use. As each check is scanned, the software reads the MICR account information on the bottom edge of the check. If an account number is recognized from a previous time, CheckLook™ automatically fills in the Payor name on your deposit slip. Optionally, a payment coupon can precede or follow the check. After entering the amount of each check, a bank-ready deposit slip is automatically generated, listing each check and the total amount of the deposit. The deposit slips can be printed on any existing laser or inkjet printer using Instant Deposit Slip™ forms. These forms also provide a detailed list of the deposit for your records.


  • Auto-completes previous Payor Names when checks are scanned
  • Automatically creates a bank-ready deposit slip that fills in the Payor Names and Customer Account Numbers and totals the Amounts
  • Stores and retrieves detailed records of each bank deposit including an image of the deposit as well as the front and back of each check and payment coupon.
  • Quickly retrieves specific images of checks and payment coupons using search criteria such as Payor Name, Account Number, Check Amount and Deposit Date.