Paperless Forms/Electronic Forms

Paperless Forms

There are many advantages that electronic forms have over paper forms. Most significantly, electronic forms have the capability to be "smart forms," where input fields can be validated to make sure the users enter the correct type of information. With these forms you can also control input by utilizing drop-down menus so users must select from predetermined answers. Electronic forms can even perform math calculations. Specific sections of the form can expand and contract or become visible or hidden, based on user input. And with electronic forms, all user input is typed and easy to read.

With Century's FormFullCircle™ technology electronic PDF forms can be submitted directly to any email address(es) and/or document storage and retrieval repository. The form will automatically be indexed with data from the form allowing for instant retreival using specific search criteria. The form data can also be saved to a database. By combining FormsFullCircle™ technology with Century's Workflow solution, you can have an end-to-end paperless solution!

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