Document Scanning and Indexing

Document Scanning

Century has been providing document scanning services to the business community for over 47 years. Century is one of the South's most successful document scanning companies and has performed large-scale document scanning projects for banks, corporations, hospitals and many other types of businesses.

In addition to document scanning, Century also offers an array of services to help customers get the most out of their documents and data after their paper has been scanned. Century offers online "cloud" hosting of your images, which allows you to store, search and retrieve your documents without the need for you to have your own server or I.T. staff. We also offer full document management solutions for businesses wanting to utilize workflows to convert their paper processes to paperless processes.

If you would like more information about our document scanning services, please call or submit the contact form at the right of this page and a Century representative will contact you promptly.

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Solutions By Industry

Century provides solutions targeted to meet all business requirements, allowing companies to enhance productivity and improve workflow. By utilizing over 39 years of experience in document management, Century has developed customized solutions that address the specific needs of various industry verticals.


Century can scan your existing paper medical records into your EMR system.

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Century provides services that can help automate your Lifeline enrollments and recertifications.

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Streamline processes and reduce paper handling in your AP, AR and HR departments.

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Get instant access to your documents across branches with Century's Imaging System.

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Century can provide scanning for document productions and output to litigation support software.

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Streamline processes and automate tasks with Century's paperless workflow for state governments.

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Solutions By Department

Century provides document and data retrieval and processing solutions that are tailored to your departmental needs. We also have a wealth of experience to speak to those specific departmental needs: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and others - we can improve your business processes, provide you with valuable information quickly, and make your department more efficient.

Accounts Payable

Automate processes and increase efficiency in your department with Century's Workflow solutions.

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Accounts Receivable

Automate processes and increase efficiency in your department with Century's Workflow solutions.

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Human Resources

Century's Storage and Retrieval solution provides instant access to employee records.

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